The Trinity

  We believe in God the Father, God the Son,
  and God the Holy Spirit.

Genesis 1:1, 2:7, John 1:1-18, 29;
  14:16-17, 26


  The Diety and Lordship of Jesus Christ

  Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God and
  the second part of the triune

Philippians 2:5-11


The Necessity of the New Birth

  All men are sinners and are in need of God's
  forgiveness. The new birth
  gives spiritual life to the spiritually dead. It
  redeems a soul from hell, initiates
  a personal relationship with God and is
  simultaneous with the indewlling of God's
  Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.

John 3:3; 5:7


   Salvation by Grace Through Faith Alone

   Salvation comes by God's grace, through
  faith. It is a gift of God and cannot  be earned.

 Ephesians 2:8-9


Priesthood of the Believer

   There is only one mediator between God and
  man, Jesus Christ. All persons are equal
  before God, have direct access to God
  through prayer and are directly responsible
  to God for their actions.

1 Timothy 2:5,  Revelation 1:5-6


The Eternal Security of All Believers

   Once received, there is nothing that can
  rescind the gift of salvation.

1 Peter 1:5, John 10: 28-29


The Bible

  The Sole Authority and Supreme Standard for
  all Human conduct, creeds and religious
  opinions. The Bible is the complete, inerrant
  and infallible word of God.

 II Timothy 3: 16-17


Jesus Christ is coming again!




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