Things That Matter to My Heart


Sometimes “those” questions just seem to move to a front row seat in my mind!  You know the ones…

"What really matters in MY life?”   

“What things impact the choices I make?”   

“Am I investing all I should in the stuff that really lasts?”

I decided to just spend some time, writing down those things that matter to me…that REALLY matter to me.  I find that these things roll often through my heart. They have become the grid through which I measure my daily – even my moment by moment- choices.

So, here are some things that matter to me:

sharon-cross.jpgIt matters to me that my faith in Jesus be an authentic faith.  It matters that what people see in public is what they would see if they could peer into the private places of my life.  I desire that the direction of my life be “hemmed in” by the cross…that it would be ever before me, and ever behind me. It is such a powerful truth, that the cross is so much more than just a starting place. It casts it’s shadow through our entire lives, and what was accomplished there is precious and holy, worth living authentically for!

It matters to me that I live in integrity, even in the places of my heart that no one else might see.  It matters that I stand and not waver, even if in doing that, I must make choices and take stands that cause others to misunderstand.

It matters to me that those who know me best might be able to say, “Yes, she has her flaws, but she presses on; and when she falls, she repents and she gets back up.”

todd-sharon2.jpgIt matters to me that my husband finds me his dearest ally, his safest harbor, his warmest friend, his most fascinating partner, and most ardent cheerleader.  It matters that I never take for granted the gift of his love for me, and the honor that it is to be his wife.

It matters to me that my children know that I love them.  It matters that I communicate to them my wholehearted belief that God has precious and unique plans for each of them.  It matters that they can be confident that I will do whatever the Lord allows me to do, to play my part in aiding their heart and character to be ready for His call on their lives.

It matters to my heart that I daily stay aware of the truth that I am small and finite, and that my story  is so incredibly secondary to that great, eternal, holy and sovereign story…the GREAT story of our God! It matters to my heart that “His name and renown” are utmost in each endeavor that I take up, in the seasons of life that He has entrusted to me.

It matters to my heart that I would be a safe place for hurting hearts…that I would love others from a large place, hold their hearts with great care and dignity, and that God might grant me the grace, in each encounter, to make much of Him, and point hearts in His direction.

It matters to my heart to be characterized by joy.  “Laughter does good, like a medicine” and I would love to be a faithful dispenser of that joyful remedy!

It matters to my heart that the hope that resides in my heart, would be evident on my face.  That my countenance would be one that reflects His gracious peace, even in the midst of life’s storms.

It matters that I walk through my days in a way that does not dishonor His Name. I want to finish strong, finish well.

It matters to me that as I grow older, I also grow deeper in my walk with Him…that the fire in my heart would burn brighter, even as this outer shell grows weaker.

I want to walk in Psalm 45:1 -

"My heart is stirred by a noble theme…

So grateful that JESUS gives my heart a noble theme!!

These are some things that matter to my heart.

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