Gino Geraci
Pastor at Calvary Chapel South Denver

I have found Sharon to be a genuine, sincere and godly woman.  She has consistently demonstrated a great love for the Lord, and a commitment to teach the Bible with integrity.  Sharon is very generous and compassionate, and I highly recommend her for your program!  She would be an asset!
Dawn Gould
Coordinator of Women's Ministries
Mt. Gilead Bible Camp
Sharon Sands is a captivating, dynamic and energizing speaker with an uncanny way of drawing out the joy and laughter tucked inside so many women today.  Her passion for Christ, her excellence as a communicator, and her vulnerability as a child of God make her one of the finest speakers I’ve ever heard.  Her faith is real, her knowledge of God’s word is solid and her love for the women she speaks to is deep.  Sharon lives the Christ-filled life she shares about so enthusiastically and I thank God that she shared about the hope of Christ with me 32 years ago, because I am the fruit of her faithful walk with Christ.
Debbie Vaughan
Former President
Hearts at Home Homeschool Support Group
I would LOVE to tell you about Sharon.  Our group really enjoyed Sharon speaking at our Christmas Tea in December.  She’s a very REAL person with REAL life illustrations and REAL life solutions from a Biblical perspective.  She is so easy to listen to.  She incorporates her own experiences into solid guidance for how to be a passionate woman for Christ in our modern, fast-paced world.  Sharon relates to all kinds of people.  She was single for quite some time with a career.  Now, she is the mom of five, and her roles as mom and wife come into her speaking as well. In other words, she’s a “been there, done that” type of person to whom anyone can relate.
We would DEFINITELY enjoy having her speak again.  Sharon is such an unassuming sweet person.  The ladies in our group found her to be enjoyable, witty, interesting and poignant.  I think that surprised some of the ladies, because they didn’t know her well, and she genuinely illustrates a “gentle and quiet spirit”.  They didn’t know what an incredible speaker she is too!
I highly recommend Sharon for your group.  She has a passionate heart for God and for reaching out to women, meeting them where they’re at and meeting their spiritual needs.  As you can tell, I’m excited for her and you, and I know your group would enjoy her as a speaker!
Susan Arnold
Minister - Former Event Coordinator
Sharon's unique blend of scriptural knowledge, godly wisdom, and humor results  in a highly effective ability to challenge women to truly grow in their relationship with the Lord.  I asked her to speak at a Mother/Daughter Tea, and she received "rave reviews" all 'round.
Sharon is not only a great personal friend but a gifted woman of God. You cannot spend time with her and walk away without feeling encouraged and challenged; whether that be a formal speaking event or a personal conversation.
David Hughey
Associate Pastor &
Former Minister to High School Students
Geyer Springs First Baptist Church
Little Rock, Arkansas
I have known Sharon for more than twenty years.  She is deeply committed to Christ and has a freshness to her walk that is challenging and invigorating to those who know her.  Sharon has an incredible ministry to young ladies.  Through every stage of her life she has been a God-honoring example for young women.  I have brought Sharon in to speak to my girls about godly character.  Sharon is a captivating communicator; my girls really connected with her.  Sharon’s strength as a communicator is enhanced by her relationship skills – she spends quality one-on-one time getting to know the girls she is teaching. 
From an administrative standpoint, Sharon is easy to work with because she quickly grasps the goals that have been set, is well prepared, and stays on focus throughout the event.  We received a great deal of positive feedback from our students, and have seen some lasting life change that began with the message she shared.  I would use Sharon in any setting with confidence, and I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially those who are looking for someone who can minister to young ladies.
Sandy Winn
Pastoral Counselor, Speaker, Teacher
Austin, Texas
I consider it a special privilege to introduce you to my friend, Sharon Sands, whom I’ve known for over 20 years.
I have watched this godly woman continue to grow into a depth of spiritual maturity since she was a young woman.  Her wide experiences in the Body of Christ as a youth counselor and leader, singles leader, pastoral staff member, speaker, discipler, and Bible teacher have given her valuable life experiences to share with others.
Sharon is a woman of wisdom, who is totally committed to her Lord.  She is a lover of the Word of God, which she practically applies to her everyday life.  She abides in the Word and can teach and train others in the knowledge of the scriptures.
Sharon is committed to her family as a loving wife and a loving and nurturing Mom to her five children. She relates to women of all ages and in all seasons of life.  As a Titus woman, she has been a mentor to many women through the years.  And I must say that although I am 20 plus years her elder, she has been an influential person in my life and her passion for God continually challenges me to a deeper walk with Him…I am grateful to call her “my friend”.
You will love her and be blessed by her presence.

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