This is it!

Just a few more hours to reserve your spot!

At this point, I know you've considered going to the Passionate Heart Pastor's and Leader's Wives Retreat, but perhaps have not registered yet. There are some pretty important reasons that you should consider before you let this day close on you.


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Four Areas to Replenish

I stuck my favorite work shirt in the laundry last week and as I was folding it, I really looked at the image on the front.  It was a Disney shirt with Goofy rowing a canoe.  Goofy's Wilderness Tours was written in big letters.  But the line that really grabbed my attention was "Showing the way isn't always knowing the way."

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Soul Fatigue

Have you ever suffered from Soul Fatigue? 

In John Ortberg's book, Soul Keeping,  he describes Soul Fatigue as a fatigue that attacks the body, mind and will, all combining to make us feel separated from God, separated from ourselves, and distanced from what we love most about life and creation. I discovered that I have indeed suffered from this kind of fatigue.  Frankly, I think most people in ministry have suffered from soul fatigue at some point in their ministry.  

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Even in the Storms


I want to encourage one of the most important people in your church!!

The Passionate Heart Pastor’s Wives Retreat is quickly approaching…April 29th-May 1st—for Pastor’s Wives, Chaplain’s Wives, active or retired, happy or burned out.  This retreat is designed to bless the pastor’s wife in such a way that she will leave refreshed physically and spiritually.

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When I Get Where I'm Going

The call came yesterday afternoon. Aunt Mary is 95 and has been waiting for the Lord to take her home for several years. And now they are going to take her heart apparatus out and she will go to hospice. Her husband died several years ago. Most of her friends and siblings have gone.

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Starting Over

“Let’s start over.”  Have you ever said that?  I wish I had a nickel for everything I’ve started over.  Sometimes it was to do it better. Sometimes because I messed it up. Sometimes to update.  It’s a fresh start.  It’s an opportunity to begin again…To do it right this time.

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To Be a Pastor's Wife

My dad raised me to be a pastor’s wife.  At least, that is what he has told me several times.

So it should not come as any surprise that as a teen, I rebelled and I absolutely was NOT going to marry a pastor.  I was not going to have the perfect parsonage, perfect husband, perfect children, be able to please and make everyone happy, be able to do everything from playing the piano and hostessing to having the perfect husband and children—NEVER!

And then I met Ed...

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