Four Areas to Replenish

I stuck my favorite work shirt in the laundry last week and as I was folding it, I really looked at the image on the front.  It was a Disney shirt with Goofy rowing a canoe.  Goofy's Wilderness Tours was written in big letters.  But the line that really grabbed my attention was "Showing the way isn't always knowing the way."


 I remember laughing at Goofy  and his goofiness, but this line is really profound for me!  As a pasor's wife, I can't count the times that as a leader, I really wasn't sure of my direction.  Or even the direct opposite, "Knowing the way isn't always showing the way."  It can really cause a dilemma.

It strikes me that I've seen Goofy all my life and he hasn't changed a lick!  He's still as Goofy as ever!  But I have great news for you!  We don't have to stay the same.  In our fragile, uncertain wilderness we can choose to grow like Jesus did in Luke 2:52, in all four of the major areas of life.That's why the Pastor's Wives Retreat coming up April 29-May 1 is so important for you!

Here are the four major areas it can help you grow and change your life!

1.  Grow in wisdom!  Even Jesus learned!  Becky Harling has been a pastor's wife for over 35 years.  She's an author and nationally known speaker.  The teaching sessions she is presenting are:
Session 1 - "In the Chaos of Ministry: Know the Father's Heart" 
Session 2 - "At the end of the day: Celebrate your Passion and Purpose"
Session 3 - "In the Conflicts that Arise: Don't take the Bait"
All three sessions deal with issues on the "wilderness tour" of our life that we can grow in wisdom.

2.  Grow in stature!  Take care of your self! Retreats are designed for that.  Relax, refresh, exercise if you want or sleep in!  Enjoy the pampering that is designed especially to help you know that you ARE special!  There will be great food, great worship with Lisa Case & Lori Plucker, sister worship leaders that have lead worship for many of the Passionate Heart events. We can take a deep breath for a couple days and get healthier physically.

3.  Grow in favor with God!  Spend quality time with interruptions!  Time is built into this retreat for you to meditate on His word and enjoy the lover of your soul. You don't have to teach or be anything for anybody!  Just be...

4.  Grow in favor with (wo)man!  Meet other gals in the trenches just like you, fellowship and share. Be transparent if you like, or not.  This weekend is for you. We hope to minister to you, where you are at in this part of your journey and what you need to take you to the next level in your walk and ministry.

Click here and take time now to check out the retreat and get registered TODAY! We have 5 spots left!  One of them needs to be for you! 

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