"Let 'IF IT PLEASES THE KING' be your filter for each day!
It SIMPLIFIES things, CLARIFIES things, DIRECTS things, FOCUSES things.
It takes away that silly thing we do called COMPARISON.
~Sharon Sands



* What is your availability?
I am a wife and mom first...I happen to also homeschool my children and help my husband with our family business (we own a house painting business).  So, I am willing to travel up to two weekends a month, as well as ministering locally.

* Do you charge a fee?
It is a complete honor for me when the Lord opens a door for me to get to come  and spend time with a group who is hungry for Him!  I always tell people, "When you let a woman who loves to talk, talk about the One she loves, it is just a privelege and joy." 
We ask for the host group to cover travel/hotel/meals.
We function on a love offering/honorarium basis and trust the Lord to put on your hearts what He would have you do.
It is helpful, whenever possible, for weekend retreats/conferences, to have a room to myself.  It is just a good thing to have a place I can be quiet and pray, etc...as I prepare to share at each session.  Thank you!

* What topics do you speak on? 
I love to dig in the Word and am willing to put together a series around any theme the Lord places on your heart for your retreat or conference etc. 
TOPICS I've spoken on in the past include:

* Thirsty, Full, Overflowing
* His Girls: Boot Camp
* And When He Gives Us Crowns...
* The Heart of Worship
* Strength Training
* The God Who Sees Me...
* A Passionate Heart
* A Journey into Joy
* Seasons of a Mother's Heart
* Seasons of Friendship
* Mary Did You Know?  -  A Christmas Message
* Immanuel ~ God With Us!  -  A Christmas Message

Feel free to email me at [email protected] for more information about any of these seminars.


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