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I want to encourage one of the most important people in your church!!

The Passionate Heart Pastor’s Wives Retreat is quickly approaching…April 29th-May 1st—for Pastor’s Wives, Chaplain’s Wives, active or retired, happy or burned out.  This retreat is designed to bless the pastor’s wife in such a way that she will leave refreshed physically and spiritually.


Why is this such an important retreat for your pastor’s wife? 

Think about it.  Your pastor’s wife has the greatest influence with the spiritual leader of your church, your pastor!  She is often a huge influence with the women in your church.  If she is healthy emotionally, spiritually and physically, the chances are greater your church will be healthy.  If she is not, the long term impact on your church family can be devastating.

There is a great number of pastor’s wives in Colorado

There are 1020 church listings in Denver alone.  That number does not include the suburbs.  Colorado Springs is considered the “Mecca for Evangelical Christians” with over 400 Protestant churches.  When you think of all the towns up and down the Front Range alone, the church plants that are springing up and house churches in many neighborhoods, the number is mind boggling.  Most of these churches have pastor’s wives.

Pastor’s wives play a huge role in the church today

While they may be the most blessed and loved family in the church, they are also the most vulnerable, misunderstood and lonely people in the church. Most pastor’s wives don’t have husbands in a mega church.  Most churches are 250 or less and the expectations are great. Over time they become very cautious of who they trust. Friendships in the church tend to be surface as they try to protect their “glass house.” A lot of people are genuinely nice to them, but it’s the occasional shallow biting, critical, wounding parishioner’s words that they tend to play over and over in their minds. They love God and His church deeply and really desire to be accepted and loved back.  Sometimes that happens.  Sometimes it does not. Either way, pastor’s wives need someone they can trust and share with that understands the role they fill. Young pastor’s families have the added pressures of performing for parishioners while protecting the family from criticism, being real and transparent yet guarded, finding time to stay spiritually and emotionally healthy while trying to do everything it takes to be a good wife and mother and still serve the church. The list goes on.  Living away from their own family, they often rely on church family to help when emergencies arise.

This retreat is designed to address some of the issues facing pastor’s wives today.

We want to love on your pastor’s wife by pampering her with a variety of spa type opportunities, such as facials, pedicures, manicures, hair cut or style, color analysis, massage and more—all are part of the retreat at no extra expense!  We have licensed Christian Counselors prepared to spend an hour alone with each pastor’s wife for objective, Godly views on issues that she might be facing. There will be some real “soul care” with Becky Harling, a nationally known author and speaker.  The Passionate Heart team will be there.  We will conclude Sunday with a time at the cross and communion. A time for spiritual and physical refreshment is the goal of the Passionate Heart Pastor’s Wives Retreat. 

What a wonderful way to “take care” of your pastor’s wife! 

Click here to find out more and to register today! Space is limited!


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