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Becky Anderson
becky.jpgBecky has been married 42 years...pastor's of 4...Memaw to 17.  She says, "I'm not published, haven't blogged, never done a Pinterest project, and birthday parties today mostly leave me speechless. But I love walking with moms as they mold the little lives entrusted to them. If we as moms can guide these hearts to become lovers of Jesus, we are a success."
Wet Cement – Proceed with Caution
Wading through “mommy-hood” with grace while ankle deep in spit-up, knee deep in toys, arm-pit deep in laundry, all the while longing for a moment of quiet and a hot cup of coffee, and maybe—just maybe—some time with God…please…

Lawanna Busby St. Clair
lawanna.jpgGod has already taken Lawanna on an extraordinary journey. Married to Dave Busby (see for the story) for 26 years, they battled together against cystic fibrosis, polio, and a host of other physical problems that eventually claimed Dave’s life. His death in 1997 shattered her. Lawanna’s honesty and vulnerability will challenge you and attest to the absolute goodness of God. And hang on, God isn’t finished yet!
Two years later, Lawanna married Barry St. Clair (see for his story) and together, they have five children and eleven grandchildren in their blended family. Their ministry together is further testimony to God’s goodness. “Oh taste and SEE that the Lord is good” has become their daily experience and Lawanna is only too eager to bring you into it.
Seeing Fear for What It Is—The Courage of Elijah
Each of us will fear something—life is spring-loaded to embrace fear. But what do we do with that fear in the face of strong adversity? When our lives get dis-ordered, we can collapse, we can relent, we can give up, we can hide. But follow the prophet Elijah’s life on one of his fear-filled days to be encouraged by the walk of grace God offers. It changes everything!

Robbie Iobst
Robbi_Iobst.jpgRobbie Iobst is a Jesus-loving, award-winning speaker and author known for her humor and love for the Word of God. She has written two books – a devotional called Joy Dance and a novel, Cecilia Jackson’s Last Chance. Besides learning about Robbie on Facebook or her website and blog, you can catch Robbie on the radio during her weekly segment on The Good News with Angie show on KLVZ 810 AM.  Robbie is wife of John, step-mom to Marriah, Sarah, Hannah, mom to Noah, grandma to Lucy, Natalie and Delilah and owner to Scooby and Thor.
The Number on the Scale Does not Define You
No matter if you are 98 pounds or 398 pounds, if you are an American woman, you are probably not happy with your number. Why is this? Because the enemy of our hearts has convinced us that the number on the scale defines who we are. But Jesus is the way out! He loves you exactly where you are and He desperately wants to be the ONE who tells you your identity. Robbie Iobst, a fellow life-long battler of the bulge, will share her journey to the heart of God and the abundant life that Jesus has offered, REGARDLESS of the number on the scale. GRACE abounds! (Donuts and cheesecake will be available at this breakout session – just kidding.)

Eva Maxwell
eva.jpgEva Maxwell lives in Centennial with her husband of 42 years.  She is a PK, preacher’s wife, and Admin for the Lead Pastor and Office Manager for South Fellowship.  She has a published devotional for those recovering from surgery or illness and a CD compiled of original recordings from her family experiences and raising 5 children.   Eva leads the Pastor’s Wives ministry for Passionate Heart and enjoys speaking for women’s events, church events, retreats and seminars. 
The Joy of Learning Contentment
Contentment has been a hard thing to grasp from the beginning of mankind.  In our wealthy American culture particularly, we are never satisfied.  We're busy reaching for the better, bigger or newer.  We want to be prettier, thinner, richer, fill it in.   We are encouraged daily that we can and "deserve" to "have it all.”  Yet, I Timothy 6:6 says that "Godliness with contentment is great gain" and we can't "have it all" without contentment.   Wouldn't you like to have that unspeakable joy and peace that passes understanding 24/7?  Is it really possible to be completely contented?  Discover some basic principles that you can implement in your life to help you experience true contentment as a Christian woman, no matter what your circumstances are.

Melonie Richards
Melonie Richards has been married 17 years to her melonie.jpg
beloved husband, Lars. She has two children, Rachel who is 13 and Luke who is 9.  She has her Master's degree in Counseling from CCU and a work history in adoptions and foster care agencies. She has served in various ministries such as Alternative Pregnancy Centers, MOPS, women's leadership and prayer ministries at WaterStone Community Church. Her passions include intercession, women's ministry and wherever the Lord might direct.  She enjoys speaking, writing and meeting women for coffee.  Currently she coordinates Bible studies with Passionate Heart and serves as an administrator at Front Range Christian School. 
Sacred Space
You are invited to quiet place for reflection and contemplation. We want to provide you with some space and time to process and possess the truths God has been speaking to you. This break out session will offer some directive prayer time, some quiet space for reflection and a practicing of the presence of God. Prayer ministers will be available to pray with you.
Mark 6:31 “Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Amy Young
Amy is readjusting to messy middle of life in the US after more than twenty years in China and the recent death of her dad. When she first moved to China she knew three Chinese words: hello, thank you and watermelon. Often the only words really needed in life. She is known to jump in without all the facts and blogs regularly at
How To Offer Comfort In a Way That Doesn’t Leave Others Wanting to Punch You In The Nose!
"I did not want to become an expert on how to comfort people. I’d rather be an expert on how to drive fast safely or how to make the perfect peanut butter toast; but significant events turned me into a comfort expert. In the midst of the death of dad, and leaving my job in China, the job I thought I would have till retirement to relocate across the ocean, I found myself in need of comfort...Let me say up front I believe the intentions of others have been honorable and meant to comfort me. However, it’s a tiny bit stunning how many people stink at offering comfort."


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