Passionate Heart Ministries is focused on meeting three basic needs: 


To come alongside those women who are "on the front lines" in leadership (pastor's wives,women's ministry leaders, bible study leaders, MOPS leaders) daily giving of themselves to others.

We want to create opportunities for you to be encouraged and blessed! We hope to help you connect with other women of "like heart" in our area, giving you times to pray, share, and worship with each other. 

We want to bring in speakers that will challenge and feed your hearts, strengthening you for all that you are doing for His Name Sake!


To host conferences, bible studies, and seminars for women in the Denver area, bringing in passionate teachers of the Word.  We want to encourage women as they seek to grow in their walk with the Lord!


To reproduce vision and passion in women in leadership, to focus our ministries on God-encounters steeped in the Word of God that will create vibrant, authentic disciples of JESUS.



We would LOVE for it to be said of us as was said in Acts 17:6 -

"These who have turned the world upside down

have come here too."




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